Marija Pavlovic:For Our Lady no situation is desperate - Eco di Maria nr.133

In the chapel of the Oasis of Peace on the 12th April about 100 Italians were present for the apparition to Marija Pavlovic Lunetti. After the apparition Marija spoke with those present and said: "...Many say that Our Lady talks too much, but for us Mary is Mother and if we accept Her as such, She will continue to urge us on just the way all mothers do with their children. As a mother I never tire of kissing my children; you see, Our Lady has a thousand ways and words to tell us how She loves us...
Her presence in Medjugorje is proof of Her love. I always tell myself that we go to many shrines and encounter many beautiful things, in Lourdes and in Fatima for example, but after having been to Medjugorje we feel the need to change the world. Our Lady tells us to start with ourselves and live the messages and become an example for the others, for at times we are like saints within the Church, and pagans outside. However, we are all given the possibility to change."
Woman becomes bearer of life after 8 abortions - Marija continued: "A woman who had had 8 abortions came to me and said that she didn't have the courage to confess, that she was afraid the priest would only scold her and throw her out of the confessional and that she came to me so I could pray to Our Lady for her. That same evening I prayed to Our Lady for that mother, pointing out that her husband didn't want children and that she had no means to live by, that her nervous system was under shock, that she had become terribly depressed, was unable to sleep and that by now she could not have children. Our Lady's response surprised me: From now on, she will become a bearer of life for the others. Such is the love and hope that Mary has for her children, even when things seem humanly impossible.
In brief, the woman confessed and her heart changed totally. Now she goes to the hospitals, the same ones where she had her abortions, and does all she can to convince the mothers to keep their children. She says that first she prays then she tells her story and of the anxiety in her heart even though she knows her children are little angels in heaven. "My life is so short that I feel I have to run now to recuperate not only my children, but also the children of others." Her witness has given courage to many mothers. This is an example of how our wounds of death, to refer to the message of 25 March, can become founts of life. But there are so many examples of people who have confessed here and have begun a new life and have been healed..."
Child with cancer goes blind and dies at age of 5 - Marija explained: "Her mother had turned to Padre Pio and to Padre Leopoldo, and she came to Medjugorje to ask for the grace of a healing, but she did not obtain it. However, this little girl brought holiness to the entire family (her mother in particular has begun a wonderful faith walk). The little girl climbed Podbrdo too, not only to ask to be healed, but also to ask for the grace of being able to receive Jesus. She was 4 but she received Jesus and died in a state of holiness.
Many who encounter Our Lady become holy, and many who are physically or spiritually sick are healed! People in wheel chairs have started walking again and have come back with complete documentation to show that they have been healed.
We should always listen to Our Lady and bear witness to what She can do..."
Pope speaks like Our Lady - Marija continued: "When Our Lady gives the message on the 25th, I often realize that the day after the Pope says the same thing. So I think: "There is another visionary here; either the Holy Father is intensely guided by the Holy Spirit or he too has apparitions!"
Marija also spoke of the Pope's voyage to Sarajevo: "Everyone was saying that it was too cold and too dangerous, but he came to say that he isn't afraid to die. He was so serene, despite his shaking hand. He has aged, but his spirit has not; he doesn't give the impression of feebleness, but of great strength... There are theologians and books which speak out against the Pope, but of him Our Lady said: The Holy Father is my beloved son, he is the Pope chosen by me for these times... "