Maria a Medjugorje Message of March 2, 2016:Dear children, My coming to you is a gift from the Heavenly Father for you. Through His love I am coming to help you to find the way to the truth, to find the way to my Son. I am coming to confirm the truth to you. I desire to remind you of the words of my Son. He pronounced words of salvation for the entire world, the words of love for everyone - that love which He proved by His sacrifice. But even today, many of my children do not know Him, they do not want to come to know Him, they are indifferent. Because of their indifference my heart suffers painfully. My Son has always been in the Father. By being born on earth He brought the divine and from me received the human. With Him the word came among us. With Him came the light of the world which penetrates hearts, illuminates them and fills them with love and consolation. My children, all those who love my Son can see Him, because His face can be seen through the souls which are filled with love for Him. Therefore, my children, my apostles, listen to me. Leave vanity and selfishness. Do not live only for what is earthly and material. Love my Son and make it so that others may see His face through your love for Him. I will help you to come to know Him all the more. I will speak to you about Him. Thank you.

Pellegrini ortodossi da Israele a Medjugorje

L’11 Maggio 2012 sono giunti a Medjugorje trentaquattro pellegrini di confessione ortodossa, provenienti da diverse zone di Israele. Nei prossimi giorni si uniranno a loro ancora alcune altre persone. “Siamo venuti a casa, da nostra Madre. Noi siamo tutti cristiani e siamo tutti uniti a Dio. In Paradiso non ci sono differenze. Noi qui ci sentiamo come se questo fosse il nostro posto”, hanno affermato questi pellegrini provenienti da Israele, che resteranno a Medjugorje dieci giorni.


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