Maria a Medjugorje December 20, 1982:Concerning the same article, the visionaries wanted to know the necessity of giving objective information to the faithful in Hercegovina. "No!" Should the visionaries only pray with our Lady and the pilgrims ask their questions only to the priests? "Yes, it is better that the children pray with me and that the pilgrims ask the priests and look for solutions with them. Meanwhile, I will continue to answer the questions which they ask me."

November 29, 1984

Dear children! No, you don't know how to love and you don't know how to listen with love to the words I am saying to you. Be conscious, my beloved, that I am your Mother and I have come on earth to teach you to listen out of love, to pray out of love and not compelled by the fact that you are carrying a cross. By means of the cross God is glorified through every person. Thank you for having responded to my call.

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