Maria a Medjugorje October 12, 1981:Where is Paradise and the Kingdom of God? "In Heaven." Our Lady is asked if she is the Mother of God and if She went to heaven before or after Her death. "I am the Mother of God and the Queen of Peace. I went to Heaven before death." When will the sign be left? "I will not yet leave the sign. I shall continue to appear. Father Jozo sends you greetings. He is experiencing difficulties, but he will resist, because he knows why he is suffering."

January 25, 1992

Dear Children! Today, I am inviting you to a renewal of prayer in your families so that way every family will become a joy to my son Jesus. Therefore, dear children, pray and seek more time for Jesus and then you will be able to understand and accept everything, even the most difficult sicknesses and crosses. I am with you and I desire to take you into my heart and protect you, but you have not yet decided. Therefore, dear children, I am seeking for you to pray, so through prayer you would allow me to help you. Pray, my dear little children, so prayer becomes your daily bread. Thank you for having responded to my call.

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