Maria a Medjugorje Message of January 1, 2011:Beloveds sons, also today the Mother with joy invites to you: prayed, prayed, prayed. Prayed, beloveds sons, and you help me in the realization of my plans that I wish to realize with the world, with this parish. Beloveds sons, particularly today you invitation: prayed for the vocations in the Church, the faith hard of my clergymen. You know, beloveds sons, that I always pray with you, that they are always with you when crossed more difficult moments. Therefore perseverate in the prayer, prayed along with me. Today I wish to say thanks to you because you have answered and received my messages and live my messages.

June 25, 1995

Dear Children! Today I am happy to see you in such great numbers, that you have responded and have come to live my messages. I invite you, little children, to be my joyful carriers of peace in this troubled world. Pray for peace so that as soon as possible a time of peace, which my heart waits impatiently for, may reign. I am near to you, little children, and intercede for every one of you before the Most High. I bless you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.

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