Maria a Medjugorje October 25, 1981:The visionaries asked Our Lady about the great light three girls saw on their way home from Mass. Within the light, they saw fifteen figures. "It was a supernatural phenomenon. I was among the saints."

Message of February 25, 2007

Dear children! Open your heart to God’s mercy in this Lenten time. The Heavenly Father desires to deliver each of you from the slavery of sin. Therefore, little children, make good use of this time and through meeting with God in confession, leave sin and decide for holiness. Do this out of love for Jesus, who redeemed you all with His blood, that you may be happy and in peace. Do not forget, little children: your freedom is your weakness, therefore follow my messages with seriousness. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Alcuni brani della Bibbia che ci possono aiutare a comprendere questo messaggio.