Maria a Medjugorje September 1, 1981:The visionaries ask if there will be a Mass on Mt. Krizevac. "Yes, my angels." Jakov asks if a trap is being set around the church. "There's nothing at all. Have the people pray and remain in church as long as possible." Ivan prayed with Our Lady so that Jesus would help him in his vocation. Our Lady said: "Go in the peace of God. Do not be afraid. I am close to you and I will watch over you."

Message of August 25, 2013

Dear children! Also today, the Most High is giving me the grace to be with you and to lead you towards conversion. Every day I am sowing and am calling you to conversion, that you may be prayer, peace, love - the grain that by dying will give birth a hundredfold. I do not desire for you, dear children, to have to repent for everything that you could have done but did not want to. Therefore, little children, again, with enthusiasm say: ‘I want to be a sign to others.’ Thank you for having responded to my call.

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