Maria a Medjugorje November 4, 1982:Concerning the vision of Andja, from Mostar, of 13 people coming from the East and on another occasion, six persons: "It is a true vision. They were some souls of her close family of Purgatory. It is necessary to pray for them."

Message of January 25, 2017

Dear children! Today I am calling you to pray for peace: peace in human hearts, peace in the families and peace in the world. Satan is strong and wants to turn all of you against God, and to return you to everything that is human, and to destroy in the heart all feelings towards God and the things of God. You, little children, pray and fight against materialism, modernism and egoism, which the world offers to you. Little children, you decide for holiness and I, with my Son Jesus, intercede for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.

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