Maria a Medjugorje December 31, 1981:Ivan asked the Gospa how to help doubting priests understand the apparitions. "It is necessary to tell them that from the very beginning I have been conveying the message of God to the world. It is a great pity not to believe in it. Faith is a vital element, but one cannot compel a person to believe. Faith is the foundation from which everything flows." Ivan asks Our Lady if it is really She appearing at the foot of the cross. "Yes, it is true. Almost everyday I am at the foot of the cross. My Son carried the cross. he has suffered on the cross, and by it, he saved the world. Everyday I pray to my Son to forgive the sins of the world." Vicka says that at the very beginning Our Lady told us: "You may leave, but let little Jakov stay with me." Vicka then adds that Our Lady realizes that Jakov is an extraordinary boy.