Maria a Medjugorje October 25, 1981:The visionaries asked Our Lady about the great light three girls saw on their way home from Mass. Within the light, they saw fifteen figures. "It was a supernatural phenomenon. I was among the saints."

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March 18, 1999 (Mirjana)

Dear children! I want you to surrender your hearts to me so that I may take you on the way, which leads to the light and to eternal life. I do not want your hearts to wander in today's darkness. I will help you. I will be with you on this way of discovery of the love and the mercy of God. As a mother, I ask you to permit me to do this. Thank you for having responded to my call.

June 25, 1999 (Ivanka)

Dear children, thank my Son for all the graces that he has given you. Pray for peace, pray for peace, pray for peace!